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Application Number Date Valid App'n Received Address Proposal Status Appeal Decision View App'n View Dec'n Notice View Appeal Docs
47/00695/FUL 17th Jul 1947 1 Bath Street Ipswich IP2 8SD Car park. Approved/Conditions View Application 47/00695/FUL Decision notice for 47/00695/FUL Appeal documents for 47/00695/FUL - Not Available
47/00774/FUL 4th Nov 1947 363 Foxhall Road Ipswich IP3 8LH Builders workshop. Refuse Permission View Application 47/00774/FUL Decision notice for 47/00774/FUL Appeal documents for 47/00774/FUL - Not Available
47/00836/FUL 30th Dec 1947 69-71 Wherstead Road Ipswich IP2 8JN Erection of 2 directional notice boards. Approved/Conditions View Application 47/00836/FUL Decision notice for 47/00836/FUL Appeal documents for 47/00836/FUL - Not Available
48/00001/ADV 5th Oct 1948 24 Princes Street Ipswich IP1 1RJ Advertising sign. Approved View Application 48/00001/ADV Decision notice for 48/00001/ADV Appeal documents for 48/00001/ADV - Not Available
48/00001/FUL 2nd Dec 1947 184 Sidegate Lane Ipswich IP4 4JW Erection of house and private garage. Refuse Permission View Application 48/00001/FUL Decision notice for 48/00001/FUL Appeal documents for 48/00001/FUL - Not Available
48/00002/ADV 7th Oct 1948 St.Peters Warehouse Bridge Street Ipswich IP1 1XH Two advertising signs. Approved View Application 48/00002/ADV Decision notice for 48/00002/ADV Appeal documents for 48/00002/ADV - Not Available
48/00002/FUL 2nd Jul 1948 2 St. Edmunds Place Ipswich IP1 3RA House. Approved View Application 48/00002/FUL Decision notice for 48/00002/FUL Appeal documents for 48/00002/FUL - Not Available
48/00003/ADV 3rd Nov 1948 Shell UK Ltd Greenwich Road Ipswich Lettering on storage tanks. Approved View Application 48/00003/ADV Decision notice for 48/00003/ADV Appeal documents for 48/00003/ADV - Not Available
48/00003/FUL 17th Jun 1948 12 Queen Street Ipswich IP1 1SS Erection of lavatory accommodation. Approved View Application 48/00003/FUL Decision notice for 48/00003/FUL Appeal documents for 48/00003/FUL - Not Available
48/00004/ADV 2nd Dec 1948 Trafalgar House Tower Street Ipswich IP1 3BE Non illuminated fascia board. Refuse Permission View Application 48/00004/ADV Decision notice for 48/00004/ADV Appeal documents for 48/00004/ADV - Not Available
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